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ВРЕМЯ В ИГРЕ: 2015 год, конец июля // МЕСТО: Генриетта, Канада
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[Fawn, Sapho][Anne Hathaway]

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Sapho Debrha Fawn
Sapho|Σαπφώ - древнегреческая поэтесса. Толкователи имён твердят, что обладательница имени Сапфо обязательно обладает творческими началами, миссис Фавн преследовала именно эту цель, истинно веруя в силу знаков.
Debrha - "пчёлка". Шутка отца, не более.
Сокращений от посторонних людей не любит, максимум, что позволяет семье - Саппи, но и это для неё излишняя фамильярность.
27 полных лет
адский пёс
Edinburgh playhouse
не замужем
Эдинбург, Шотландия
Gunter Fawn|Гюнтер Фавн - отец, адский пёс. детектив. 57 лет.
Larichos Fawn nee O'hee|Ларих Фавн ранее О'хи - мать, адский пёс. домохозяйка. 55 лет.
Maura Fawn|Мора Фавн - сестра, адский пёс. временно без работы. 24 года.
Ronan Fawn|Ронан Фавн - брат, адский пёс. разнорабочий. 30 лет.



Plot 84: Whispering Woods

Muse A lives in a small town just a stone’s throw away from a dense forest, called the Whispering Woods. Every afternoon, especially in the fall, when the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp, Muse A likes to walk through the woods on their way home. Muse A sits on the kissing rock at the mouth of the woods, straps up their boots and inhales the fresh pine before embarking on the winding path to the log bridge. As Muse A crosses the log bridge, one foot over the over, they enjoy the soft ‘whispers’ (for which the woods are named after) of the meandering creek below. The whispers always seem louder in October for some reason, almost comprehensible. Townspeople like to say it’s because the woods are haunted by spirits, but Muse A’s never been the superstitious type. They’ve been frequenting the woods since they were a kid and nothing spooky has ever happened to them before.       

One afternoon, Muse A encounters Muse B in the thick of the towering pines. Muse B looks lost and disheveled, as if they haven’t had a shower or a proper meal in a few days. Concerned for the unfamiliar wanderer, Muse A offers to guide Muse B out of the woods, back to civilization. Muse B instead asks Muse A to stay with them a while; they want to visit the log bridge, their favorite place. Muse A can see that Muse B is the lonely sort, so they agree to walk to the bridge with Muse B; they were headed there anyway. When the pair arrive at the bridge, Muse B struggles to recall why they found this spot so special, or anything about who they are at all to make conversation with Muse A, but they can’t remember. Muse A insists on helping Muse B leave the woods, worried that Muse B might be suffering from amnesia or something worse, but when Muse A gets to the edge of the woods, Muse B, who they thought was right behind them, is nowhere to be found.     

Muse A calls out for Muse B for several minutes and gets no response. The sun is going down and the chill in the air is biting through Muse A’s coat, so they go home. They barely sleep that night, thinking about Muse B and hoping they’re alright, wherever they are. Bright and early the next morning, Muse A returns to the woods, hoping to find Muse B again. Muse B is there at the foot of the log bridge, waiting for Muse A, unsure of how they got there or what’s keeping them bound to these woods. Muse B is a ghost, but doesn’t know it.



She's Not Me
To everyone else, Muse A and Muse B’s relationships seemed out of control. They were always fighting, and when they weren’t they were getting themselves into some crazy trouble. They didn’t think it was out of control at all. For them it was perfect. Just two lost souls who found themselves in each other. That’s how they saw it,and that was all that mattered to them. But all good things come to an end eventually. There was a fight. Not like their usual fights, but and eye opener for Muse B. He saw the relationship as toxic, and wanted out immediately. Muse A had always been on the aggressive side, but they knew that nothing was gonna change B’s mind. Muse B moved on to someone else who could give them a more picture perfect relationship.  Their wild personality had seemed to be tamed. A didn’t change. nor did they move on. They tried, but the efforts turned useless when they seemed to realize they needed B around. This of course made them hate the replacement. A and B rarely talk now, but A tries constantly to make B get that what they really need instead of a tight leash and boring life was the unorganized and crazy adventures the two had, and more importantly, them together. Will they finally be able to break through the them before it’s too late?



If it’s cool with you all, rather than dedicate one full plot to this topic, I’m going to suggest several plot ideas you might want to use for a ballet/dancing plot:
► Muse A and Muse B attend a private school of performing arts together. They’ve been friends for several years and both have dreams of making a living out of their passion for dance. End of year performances are looming and tension is high, especially when Muse A is chosen over Muse B to perform a coveted solo. Will the friendship last or will competition drive them apart?
► Muse A is a talented dancer, Muse B is a superstar athlete. The two have little in common, apart from their desire to be the best at what they do. They only know of each other through mutual friends, but don’t speak until Muse B’s coach insists that Muse B get some ballet training to improve his footwork on the field/ice. Embarrassed to have to take ballet at all, Muse B turns to Muse A for private lessons.
► Muse A is a ballet dancer who has dreamt of becoming prima ballerina/primary dancer in a major production of Swan Lake since they were a little kid. They’ve been practicing relentlessly for the last year to give themselves the best chance of success at the biggest audition of their life. The evening before the audition, Muse A suffers a tragic accident that leaves them unable to dance for the foreseeable future (fractured leg, torn ACL, etc.). Muse B enters the picture as Muse A’s physical therapist or someone else who will help Muse A through this devastating time.
► Muse A is a ballerina/danseur at a private dance studio who has gained the attention of Muse B, their dance instructor. Muse B sees something special in Muse A—a rare potential for greatness— and therefore devotes extra time to teaching Muse A technique. As Muse A and Muse B spend more time together alone in the studio, the line between professional and romantic is crossed. Though they are both consenting adults, one or both of them is in a committed relationship with someone else (and it’s highly frowned upon for them to be together).



Plot #50: Don’t Forget Me (amnesia element submitted by promiscuous-muses)
Muse A is on their way home late one evening, driving along a quiet back road. A deer jumps in front of their vehicle, and startled, Muse A swerves sharply to avoid a collision with the animal. The car spins out of their control and causes them to crash, knocking Muse A unconscious. It takes nearly forty-five minutes for Muse B, a passerby (or first responder), to arrive on the scene. They immediately aid muse A, whose injuries are quite critical. Thankfully the quick actions of Muse B allow Muse A to be transported to the nearest hospital and stabilized, where they begin the long, slow road to recovery. Muse B continues on with their day to day life, but constantly thinks of Muse A and wonders how they are doing. Muse A recalls nothing of the accident, and tragically, absolutely nothing about their life up to this point (including their significant other), the head trauma endured in the crash having caused amnesia. When Muse A is removed from ICU, Muse B visits them in the hospital. Muse B is stunned and heartbroken when the nurse informs them that Muse A will have no idea who they are, but they still come forward to reintroduce themselves to Muse A.
Will Muse B back off upon discovering Muse A is spoken for?
Will Muse A eventually recall their memories?
Will a relationship develop between the savior and the saved?
Muse C is Muse A’s significant other, who’s trying to help Muse A remember their relationship
■ JUN 5TH -  2025 NOTES - REBLOG



how: muse a has lived in a conservative town their entire life. their father was a pastor of the town church. however, muse a has just turned 18 and decided they’re done trying to live by their families rules. so, the week after their eighteenth birthday, muse a decides to move off to new york city. they’re sitting in a nearby cafe one morning when they see a brawl going on outside. enter, muse b. muse a stops the fight and is instantly attracted to muse b. after a swapping of numbers, the two hit it off instantly. muse b shows muse a the wilder side of life. things aren’t as great as they seem though. there’s ridicule, drugs, sex, fights. it’s the most dysfunctional relationship either has ever been in. it’s dangerous and that’s what makes it great.

afraid: muse a is a rockstar on tour. they’ve got adoring fans, groupies, drugs, whatever they want. but there’s someone they see in the front row of every los angeles show, muse b. tonight, muse a’s band has a show at the roxy and there’s muse b, front row as usual. except after the show is over, muse a goes looking for muse b. they find them and the night unfolds into one of an absolute dream. now they’re afraid that it was just a fling and muse b is just another groupie. plus, with the media constantly hounding on them, how are they ever supposed to be a normal couple?

everybody’s watching me (uh oh): muse a is a famous rockstar/actor and they’re trying to get home one night when they’re bombarded by paparazzi. they’re trying to escape when they hear a voice above them. muse b is hanging out of a two story building, an amused smirk on their face. muse b pulls muse a into safety right as the paparazzi rounds the corner. it’s an abandonded building and muse b has only a few candles lit around the place. the night resolves between the sheets and the next day, muse a kisses muse b outside the building. but one of the paps was still lurking around. now muse b is in the spotlight. where can you go? everybody’s watching you.

sweater weather: muse a and b have fgrown up together in venice beach. they love the street life and that everything is always alive there. one night, they decide to have a bonfire and get a little too drunk and end up in each other’s bed. after that, they decide they work and start a friends with benefits deal. but as the seasons change, so do the feelings. it’s no longer summer and it’s no longer so easy. now one of them must approach the other with the fact that they might be falling for them.

let it go: muse a grew up in thousand oaks, a small town where everyone was loaded with money. muse b just recently moved there after their dad was promoted to a higher office job. they’re the ones that live in a house with only a one car garage, no pool, and two stories. muse b is on scholarship, something frowned upon in thousand oaks high. muse a is someone who doesn’t care about standards. they’re well respected and liked in the school, a popular kid, if you will. muse a is welcoming to muse b from the first day, something that’s a little overwhelming. but eventually, they start to hit it off. but when it all goes to muse b’s head and they start getting too big for their britches, what will come of the two?

alleyways: muse a and muse b have both just started college in a new town where neither of them know anybody. muse a has a lot of money but muse b is struggling and therefore, turns to prostitution. muse b is standing on a corner one evening when muse a pulls up and offers a lot more money than b is expecting. they accept of course and part their ways without so many words. until the next day, when they discover they have advanced physics together. cue a very stunned muse a and b. after talking it out, muse a could easily help muse b, with a little payment themselves. muse a’s father owns a porn company and tells muse b that with only 5 movies, they could pay a whole year of tuition. muse b agrees. what happens when muse a starts getting jealous?

w.d.y.w.f.m.: *trigger warning: abuse* muse a has spent the past year trying to make muse b happy. everything they did, was for their good. and yet, nothing works. muse b just gets angrier and angrier every single day. and yet, muse a stays with them. but it’s starting to get harder to conceal the bruises. especially when people start asking about them. and muse a is starting to blame themselves. they think they might die. but to die at the hand of muse b would be the perfect way to go, in their eyes.

flawless: sex. lots and lots of sex. muse a and muse b are both rockstars in the same band and somehow always end up in each other’s beds, despite their growing choice of others. there’s cigarette smoke constantly surrounding them and they practically live in their tour bus. tattoos and drugs and alcohol. it’s never boring with muse a and muse b. and everything is super angsty and dramaticized and grungey.

female robbery: modern day bonnie and clyde. muse a decided that it’s time they get what they feel they’ve deserved their entire life. muse a has always been a good kid in school; never got in trouble, never was even sent up to the principals office. so when they approach muse b, local badass, about the idea, they laugh in their face. until muse a shows them just how serious they are. so, with their first bank robbery successful, they decide to do some more. they’re consantly on the run from the law but with enough money to do whatever you’d want, there’s lots of fun to be had.

staying up: muse a suffers from insomnia. to deal with this, they sometimes go driving in the middle of the night. one night, they’re driving on a backroad, listening to their favorite record on repeat when a person runs in front of their car, muse b. muse a slams on their breaks and is— honestly— terrified for their life. muse b taps on the window and then muse a recognizes them. the homeless person from downtown. muse a, despite their conscious telling them no, lets muse b into the car. they learn that muse b is a good person and just down on their luck. now every night, muse a goes and picks up muse b and they go for a drive together, occasionally getting some donuts or some coffee. until muse b comes to muse a’s school one afternoon. they’re embarassed and tell them to leave. now they spend all night searching for muse b, wanting to apologize.

float: muse a is absolutely terrified of water. there’s nothing that scares them more. yet, they somehow find themselves at the beach with their giant group of friends. of course, they refuse to go into the water and instead sit on a big beach towel high up on shore. sometime during the day, the lifeguard, muse b, comes over to sit with them on their break. muse a isn’t expecting it but throws themself into the conversation nonetheless, admitting their fear of water. now, muse b is convinced to help muse a get over it. day by day, they venture deeper into the water until muse b decides to be funny and dunk muse a underwater. an act so childish sets muse a off and leaves them ignoring muse b. muse b is fighting for their friendship back, doing whatever they can to try and win them back.



[quote][align=center][size=16][font=Book Antiqua]I. ОБЩИЕ СВЕДЕНИЯ.[/font][/size][/align][/quote]

[b]❖ ПОЛНОЕ ИМЯ.[/b] 
[b]❖ РАСА.[/b] 

[quote][align=center][size=16][font=Book Antiqua]II. БИОГРАФИЧЕСКИЕ СВЕДЕНИЯ.[/font][/size][/align][/quote]

[quote][align=center][size=16][font=Book Antiqua]III. ЛИЧНЫЕ СВЕДЕНИЯ.[/font][/size][/align][/quote]
[b]❖ ВНЕШНОСТЬ.[/b] 

[quote][align=center][size=16][font=Book Antiqua]IV. СВЕДЕНИЯ ОБ ИГРОКЕ.[/font][/size][/align][/quote]
[b]❖ СВЯЗЬ.[/b] 
[b]❖ ПРОБНЫЙ ПОСТ.[/b]



За глазами каждого прохожего скрывается история, у каждого она своя, особенная, ни на чью не похожая. Обыденная, захватывающая, ужасная и невыносимо счастливая и радостная. У кого-то след от кольца на безымянном пальце, у кого-то пролегла глубокая морщина меж бровей, а у кого-то все руки в мозолях и одежда в машинном масле. Среди множества лиц вы, может быть, заметите и её. Сапфо. Среднего роста женщину в тёмно-коричневом пальто. Умелый чтец по лицам назвал бы её слишком угрюмой и серьёзной, что её часто посещают плохие и грустные мысли, что она вечно выискивает признаки опасности, а её взгляд слишком холоден и цепуч, что холодок по телу проходит.
Естественно, не всегда она ходила по улицам так, словно за ней кто-то охотится, что она умрёт в любой момент из-за лишнего знания. Давайте же вернёмся в её прошлое. У Сапфо есть младшие брат и сестра, любящие родители, которые верят в силу имён и различных знаков, как говаривал мастер боевых искусств из мультика: "Случайности не случайны." Можно сказать это девиз семьи Фавн по жизни. Просыпалась соль, постучался голубь в окно, направление ветра в Сочельник - всё это неимоверно важно и непременно что-то, да значит. Для её родителей 3 - идеальное число, именно столько детей они хотели, именно столько же детей было и у них в семьях. То есть, дитя росло в окружении молодых экзистенциалистов, эзотериков, хиппи или, как Густав и Ларих себя называли, люди просветлённые и прогрессивномыслящие. Сапфо было дано имя древнегреческой поэтессы, потому что Ларих страстно хотела, чтобы маленькая Фо была писателем или что-то в этом духе, а в итоге девочка пошла по стопам отца, став офицером полиции. К слову, Ларих сама была неплохой писательницой детских рассказов, а Густав до того, как пойти служить в полицию (в 25 лет он пошёл в полицейскую академию) был почтальоном.
Когда Сапфо было 3 года на свет появились Ронан и Мора. Наконец-то Фавн обзавелись своим счастливым числом детей. Невероятный шум, гвалт, постоянные мистические и загадочные гости родителей, которые не давали тройке бесноватых детишек покоя, ругань за игрушку меж младшими детишками. Сапфо были предпочтительнее книги, которые открывали перед ней невероятные миры, а потом и обучали её чему-то новому. Медленно, но верно она приобретала аналитический склад ума, позволяющий оценивать реакции окружающих, решать сложные задачи. Из года в год она оттачивала свой ум к разочарованию матери, но к радости отца, хоть один из детей не стал заложником творческих начал.
Нельзя сказать, что Сапфо была суха и безэмоциональна, в свободное от обучения время она с радостью возилась с Ронаном и Морой, объясняя им правило золотого сечения, и что в мире всё должно иметь гармонию. Под её страшно заумные рассказы они быстро засыпали.






Сапфо не обижалась, она знала, что им ближе совершенно другие материи. В 13 лет она обратилась, младшие Фавн ей немного завидовали, ведь теперь она полноценный член сообщества Волков, но отношения между ними не изменились, как это порой бывает, они всё так же были бесноватой и дружной троицей, всегда вместе, всегда на защите друг друга, как их называла мама "банда фавнов". Девочка обучалась в обычной школе, ходила на научные кружки, не была социально-активной, ибо не видела в этом надобности, растрачивание сил попусту. Обрела парочку друзей среди людей и, наверно, можно назвать Кори С. Ройса её влюблённостью всех выпускных классов. После школы Сапфо хотела изучать уголовное право, что собственно и сделала поступив в университет.



Примерно в это же время она стала собственностью пророка, у которого была её монета с именем, не то, чтобы паренёк частенько пользовался своей властью, но он был избалован и ему нравилось вытаскивать Сапфо в то время, в которое ему заблагорассудится. По прошествии нескольких лет в подчинении у мистера О появилось ещё несколько псов, так что Фо смогла вздохнуть спокойно.



Один за всех и все за одного, верно? Живи по этому правилу и будешь цела. Живи по этому правилу и будешь цела. Запомнила? Ты в ответе за пророка, ты - тень пророка. Семья твоё отражение. Ты должна, должна, должна... Так много всего должна, что позабыла о себе. Так много указов с самого детства, не прямых, нет, конечно. Твои родители бывшие когда-то молодыми экзистенциалистами, эзотериками, хиппи или, как Гюнтер и Ларих себя называли, людьми просветлёнными и прогрессивномыслящими не считали, что прямая диктатура принесёт нужные плоды. 
Военная выправка отца делает своё дело. Как он превратился из заправского митингующего за мир во всём мире в военного? Просто. Лозунги не прокормят три маленьких рта. Детские книжки не прокормят три маленьких рта. За дверьми вашего дома шла война. Ларих - всё, что отвечает за творческое начало, Гюнтер же стал придерживаться дисциплины, порядка, наук, развивающих логическое мышление. Когда-то они были заодно, но тот момент, когда их взгляды разошлись был абсолютно и совершенно неуловим. Гюнтера убили. Ларих умерла внутренне. На ней осталось трое детей. 10, 8 и 5 лет. Тебе не хватало его. Его умелой руки, которая направляла тебя в нужную степь. Для тебя он был не столько отцом, сколько наставником. Но он же и говорил, что есть более веские причины для того, чтобы опускать руки и для того, чтобы перестать оттачивать свой ум нужен конец света.

За глазами каждого прохожего скрывается история, у каждого она своя, особенная, ни на чью не похожая. Обыденная, захватывающая, ужасная и невыносимо счастливая и радостная. У кого-то след от кольца на безымянном пальце, у кого-то пролегла глубокая морщина меж бровей, а у кого-то все руки в мозолях и одежда в машинном масле. Среди множества лиц вы, может быть, заметите и её. Сапфо. Среднего роста женщину в тёмно-коричневом пальто. Умелый чтец по лицам назвал бы её слишком угрюмой и серьёзной, что её часто посещают плохие и грустные мысли, что она вечно выискивает признаки опасности, а её взгляд слишком холоден и цепуч, что холодок по телу проходит.


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