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ВРЕМЯ В ИГРЕ: 2015 год, конец июля // МЕСТО: Генриетта, Канада
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+ Likes: boots, murder mysteries, death statistics, Edgar Allan Poe, poison ivy
- Dislikes: cheesy endings, strict routines, chick flicks, Ellen Degeneres

♪ How much longer are you gonna give in to the fear? Holding you down until you're all alone, all alone and drowning in your past, take it back, take it back, I still believe you can.
Mackenzie could never remember how or when she ended up at an orphanage; what she only knew, and anybody else remembered, was that she arrived with a knife and an ivy wreath. Though all the kids at the orphanage tried their best to play with her and make her feel less alone, there was just some sort of gloomy aura around her that made them think twice, and people often took her serious face to mean, “Stay away from me.” She hardly smiled, or expressed any form of emotion, and when she did speak, she was cynical and deadpan, which didn’t quite come across as inviting to the other children and caretakers, and so they left her alone.

When the infertile Bailey couple asked if they could take her in, Mackenzie, as well as mk most others, was taken aback. What would they want with her, a child who hardly spoke and hardly smiled, who instead constantly looked and spoke like her dog had just died? But the Baileys promised to give her a new, better life, and although Mackenzie doubted them at first, she agreed to move in with them and let them try to open her up. Gradually, over many years of unconditional love and support from her new family, she learned to smile and laugh again, even if only slightly, and to place a little trust in others. She had a habit of carrying her knife around with her - perhaps it was a family heirloom, people speculated - to let herself feel more secure when she was going to face the world or unfamiliar people. She had a fascination for the horrific and macabre that no one could quite understand, preferring dark brutal endings to happy cheerful ones; death, whether in literature or in reality, was a subject constantly weighing on her mind. Her parents didn’t mind it, though, because they believed a child should be able to explore her own interests.

Mackenzie wasn’t one of those girls who was surrounded by friends - or even people, in general - in high school, but she initially wasn’t too bothered by that - perhaps she just wasn’t a people person anyway. Though she preferred to be alone with her dark thoughts rather than bask in the sunshine of everyone else’s abundant energy, she’s recently started wishing she could open up and talk to more people, for a gloomy life is a lonely life. She’s often found observing people from the sidelines, with a book in hand, waiting for someone to strike up conversation with her, as she’s still too shy to talk to someone herself, for fear of rejection.

⋆ They circle in the heaven, and are there for thee to behold ⋆
[COMPOSED] – Mackenzie isn’t exactly known for being the most expressive person of all. Whether she’s facing a time of crisis or a time of happiness, people can hardly tell because she keeps the same stoic face on all the time. She may laugh or smile on occasion, but a true, belly-shaking laugh from her is just a mythical concept. Mackenzie herself is aware that nobody’s heard her real laugh, and she’s secretly proud of it, as she personally believes that showing too much emotion makes her weak.

[PESSIMISTIC] – The “generosity of humankind” isn’t a concept Mackenzie really believes in. Rather, she believes that people are selfish and do things that are only in their own best interests. Whenever someone is nice to her or does a good deed, she’s wary of whatever motives they may be concealing, and oftentimes will try to call them out on those “motives.” The idea that people could be nice just to be nice is lost on her, and that isn’t helped along by the fact that she only enjoys reading about tragedies and crimes. Surprisingly, she’s also one of those who only acts in her own self-interests, always considering whether investing time or effort in something is worthwhile before actually doing it.

[INDEPENDENT] – Mackenzie is a person with quiet pride, and the idea of having to depend on people for any reason at all isn’t one she welcomes. She will struggle through a problem by herself, carry her own heavy burdens, and walk through the hallways alone rather than have to wait for a friend to catch up. She operates on her own schedule, partly because she isn’t quite comfortable being around people yet, and partly because she believes she’s better off surviving on her own.

⋆ While all they utter their heavenly voice, tweeting ⋆
@fateworsethandeath: Love? Who needs love? It’s fickle and stupid and doesn’t last… Now, death. That’s something more interesting to think about.
@fateworsethandeath: The series where everyone dies are the only series worth getting into. Sunshiney rainbow endings aren’t really my thing.
@fateworsethandeath: Six million Jews died in the Holocaust. 6,000,000. Just let that sink in for a moment… It’s kind of… eerily awesome.

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jessica chastain

Имя персонажа:
Terpsihor (Терпсихора) /
Предпочитает, чтобы её звали ////, посему в большинстве случаев именно так и представляется.

Указывается только возраст человеческой оболочки, дата и месяц – по желанию, год – обязателен.

Положение в обществе:
Раньше Риза была одной из девяти муз и имя ей было Терпсихора, она была покровительницей танца.
В человеческом же мире она хореограф, даёт в танцевальной студии тем, кому за 30, уроки аргентинского танго.

Родственные связи:
Не обязательно переписывать все семейное древо, укажите лишь тех, кто важен для отыгрышей.

Основные черты: сильные и слабые стороны, фобии, страхи, мечты, тайные желания, увлечения, хобби.

Достаточно общих сведений.

Человеческая оболочка:
Краткое описание жизни вашего "тела". Сконцентрируйтесь на последних пяти годах. При желании можно объединить с предыдущим пунктом.
Полный перечень способностей, которые остались у бога/существа/героя после его насильственного переселения на Землю.

Любая информация, не вошедшая в предыдущие пункты анкеты.

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monica raymund
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